Cyber Security Engineering

Our cyber business supports government contracts by providing technical experts and thought leaders, assists commercial clients that require deep technical skills to protect corporate information or investigate intrusions and partners with international customers by providing the full spectrum of cyber security capabilities and services. Our goal is to become an integrated security partner with each customer, tailoring our support to client needs and resources. This allows us to deliver the right advice and integrated solutions for each situation and client.

We also encourage teaming arrangements with product developers in which our technical and analytical skills are applied in assessing and evaluating new products in order to provide a competitive advantage in a challenging and crowded marketplace. Exceptional products will be integrated into corporate solutions that we deliver.

The cyber business follows the corporate mantra of “we solve hard problems”. In the cyber world there are no shortages of hard problems and being able to effectively collect, process, and analyze network traffic and sensor information is a continuing challenge our team is addressing. Whether you require new strategic planning in cyber security, vulnerability assessments performed on current systems, building a cyber operations center, improved cyber situational awareness, updated security architecture, or training and cyber exercises, we can solve your hard problems.

Advanced cyber analytics

Today’s cyber environment is characterized by increasing amounts of network and sensor data that easily overwhelms analyst’s ability to identify and respond to malicious threats. Our cyber analytics research offers an advanced capability to intelligently and statistically identify the golden nuggets of intelligence within the vast data sets that todays cyber situational awareness tools provide. Our approach to this hard problem utilizes the full suite of sophisticated statistical modeling, algorithm advancement, and mathematical tailoring in order to answer your cyber analysis questions and better understand your security posture. When integrated into a robust security architecture, designed to leverage all sensors and minimize noise, the customer can be confident that they can defend their network and identify threats more easily.


Our cyber services include; product integration support and guidance, malware research, pen-testing, vulnerability assessments, and are used to evaluate and improve the strength of our clients' defenses against the attacks that are most likely to be used by actual attackers. We used a risk-based approach to include probability of exploitation and the potential business impact. This results in actionable recommendations with immediate security improvements. All of these service offerings empower our customers to more optimally compete and operate in today’s cyberspace.

Cyber Engineering and Integration

DECISIVE ANALYTICS Corporation's cyber team can assist security product vendors. Our operationally experienced cyber team can evaluate your product and assess its capabilities against the problem it addresses or competitor’s offerings. We may recommend improvements or even offer to enhance the product ourselves. In some instances, we may be able to introduce your product to government clients that are developing security policy or looking for specific solutions. Finally, DAC could integrate your product into a customer’s larger solution.

International support

Many nations are still organizing to address the ever evolving cyber threat. Decisive Analytics assists nations in developing national strategies, organizing institutions, and implementing proven strategies and technical solutions to address security needs. Vendors are eager to sell products to address these threats but our cyber team works with our customers to design, develop, and implement broad national and enterprise solutions, independent of the particular solution selected.

Our cyber team is also designed to bring this same technology independent approach to assist overseas private enterprises. Whether we are brought in to assess and evaluate current threats and capabilities, or asked to design a new holistic approach to defending corporate networks and information, Decisive Analytics can improve your security posture.