International Services

DAC’s team of international relations consultants, seasoned military affairs veterans and technical experts support U.S. and international companies in expanding their defense related business and in formulating viable global partnerships. Driven by a strong desire to support our national security interests, we also provide technical assistance to selected U.S. Government organizations. We address the complex interrelationships among the political, social, economic, technological and military environments, providing a comprehensive, value-added product for our clients.


DAC recognizes that business practices differ worldwide. Sometimes it is easy to identify drivers and barriers to cooperation, but in most cases it is difficult and challenging, particularly with limited resources. We provide a bridge between people, businesses and governments to deal with the cultural impacts on business practices. DAC’s support allows our clients to compete in the global market place, to mitigate the asymmetries in international business practices and to achieve their business objectives.


DAC has provided significant high level advice and technical assistance to support defense industrial cooperation in the Atlantic and the Pacific. DAC’s International Division President serves as:

  • The elected Chairman of the NATO Industrial Advisory Group, a remarkable achievement for a Small Business company executive who must interact with senior NATO officials, the NATO International Staff, NATO Agencies and North American and European industry. The appointment to this prestigious group recognizes our abilities to understand and bridge international issues in both the public and private sector.
  • The elected Chairman of the National Defense Industrial Association’s (NDIA) International Division which reflects the confidence and trust that US industry representatives have in his leadership, understanding of the issues, and ability to establish important relationships with U.S. and Allied government officials and industry to achieve robust defense industrial cooperation.


With a unique combination of strategic and tactical national security expertise, DAC specializes in providing situational awareness, focused insight and actionable intelligence in the areas of geopolitics, national security, defense transformation, public policy and homeland security. We assist our clients in preparing for uncertainties and risk management, and recommend actions for maximizing results.


DAI ‘s team of export control specialists maintain current contacts and exposure to the most up to date developments in export control issues, specifically the ongoing U.S. administration’s Export Control Reform Initiative (ECRI). Our experts can help you develop comprehensive export compliance programs with expeditious Technical Assistance Agreements and export licenses for conducting international business. We produce, submit and expedites numerous Technical Assistance Agreements working with the State and Defense Departments to expertly navigate the complex requirements necessary to assure critical program milestones are met.


DAC has provided valuable support and analyses which have strengthened U.S.-Japan Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) cooperative efforts. DAC’s understanding of Japanese culture and asymmetries between U.S. and Japan government policies, decision making processes, and budget cycles, has provided vital assistance to the Missile Defense Agency staff. This capability is unmatched in the field and is a hallmark for transforming the U.S.-Japan Mutual Security relationship.


DAC analyzes the complex environment under which the Department of Defense (DoD) conducts armaments cooperation and provides information that enhances engagement as well as guides decision making and resource allocation for armaments cooperation in the East Asia, South America and Middle East regions. DAC’s intimate knowledge of armaments cooperation and technical acuity coupled with unique cultural, analytical and language ability provides innovative and fresh perspectives to assist the DoD define opportunities, initiate new activities and facilitate interactions with partners around the globe. The DAC team focuses on five important core international cooperation objectives that include: 1) operational, 2) economic, 3) technological, 4) political, and 5) industrial goals to help DoD increase alliance capabilities and enable positive bilateral relations.