Company Vision

The Vision of DECISIVE ANALYTICS Corporation is articulated in Our Purpose of why we are in business, Our Values which provide our operating principles and Our Core Strategy which implements our Purpose and Values.

Our core strategy

DECISIVE ANALYTICS Corporation is an employee-owned company whose strategy is to be the most sought after source of superior technical services and integrated products to solve difficult problems in those markets where we have a:

  • Passion for Performance, and
  • Competitive Advantage, and
  • Significant Financial Return

We are employee-owned to provide the motivational link between the individual and our enterprise. In addition to the pride in ownership associated with our corporate structure, we diligently ensure that our employee-owners who are responsible for our outstanding performance and growth receive the financial rewards consistent with their efforts.

Our strategy is focused on being the very best at what we do. Our employee-owners create rigorous solutions that are recognized by our clients as unsurpassed in meeting challenging requirements and exceeding expectations. In our markets clients always choose us over our competitors and we are clearly acknowledged as the industry leader for superior problem solving technical services and integrated products in those markets.

We provide analytical solutions to markets where we have:

  • The collective passion for providing a solution to a given functional or organizational problem set. This passion establishes our total dedication to our clients and drives a self motivation to attain success.
  • The ability to formulate problem solving services and products which are recognized as truly superior. We will continue to use the zeal, skills and experiences of our employee-owners to define our future business goals and devote our resources to maintain our superior performance.
  • The capability to earn acceptable profits while remaining fully consistent with our corporate values. Within this balance of profit and values we strive to focus on opportunities which maximize the financial return to our employee-owners.