Washington Operations

DAC’s expertise in Systems Engineering is only the starting point for the excellent support we provide our clients. We make it our business to know and understand our clients’ businesses. Together this combination of functional and domain expertise allows us to sustain a ‘trusted vendor’ status by making sure that we provide meaningful solutions that are actionable and within our clients’ desired range of investment or action.

DAC provides vital assistance to OSD in the development of system engineering, policy guidance and their applications to major weapon systems.

We provide industry leading systems engineering services through innovative, analytically sound, comprehensive and cost effective solutions to challenging and complex problems. Decisive Analytics offers a broad range of systems engineering services and support from project management to requirements development, policy formation and implementation, technical integration, and acquisition oversight. We support our clients in the functional areas of systems engineering, logistics and program management.

We apply systems engineering principles to help our clients spend their money more wisely, develop their programs more effectively, and resolve their problems efficiently.


Within the DoD there is an ongoing effort to strengthen systems engineering at the program office level. DAC assists the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics in this effort by developing new policies to strengthen the role of systems engineers and systems engineering throughout the DoD.


Rigor in systems engineering requires clear guidance and procedures. Our cadre of domain experts developed the DoD Risk Management Guide; the Reliability, Availability and Maintainability Guide; and the Systems Engineering Chapter within the Defense Acquisition Guide and is helping ongoing DoD major acquisition programs effectively apply these guidance documents.


We develop the “how to” guide for performing program assessments for use by DoD personnel. We developed and are applying a program assessment methodology for determining overall program health. This Defense Acquisition Program Support methodology is the cornerstone of the Program Support Reviews performed by the Office of Secretary of Defense on all programs coming forward for a milestone review by the Defense Acquisition Board.


Having “written the book” for the DoD on what to look for in programs at various points in the DoD Life Cycle Framework, the DACsystems engineering team is eminently qualified to assist program managers in developing their Acquisition Strategy and all related program and technical management planning, documentation and day-to-day execution. DAC personnel have performed a number of senior level independent program assessments in support of program managers.


DAC is recognized as an expert in developing and applying integrated analytical solutions for our client’s most pressing logistics, engineering and sustainment challenges. As a result, we were called upon to revise and update Joint Staff and DoD logistics regulations and policies to include a DoD Supportability Guidebook to outline expectations at each milestone of program development.


Our extensive knowledge of acquisition logistics enables us to provide direct support to DoD program offices. We work side-by-side with our customers, systems engineers and acquisition professionals, as they rely on us to define life-cycle sustainment measures for application in the acquisition phase and as long as the resulting system is operational.


Logisticians use systems engineering practices to ensure sustainability is a key design consideration throughout the system acquisition cycle. DAC is especially adept at developing and implementing needed policies, guidance, metrics and best practices, as well as providing education and training support to new weapon system development programs.


DAC’s logistics team comprises many domain experts, drawn from a rich and diversified pool of talent from government, industrial and academic communities. Because of this robust experience base, DAC is the designated lead to develop a DoD reporting and monitoring system that will provide logistics insights for developmental and fielded weapon systems. Once in place, this system will, for the first time, provide routine data on weapon system logistical readiness and reliability. Our expertise in Program Management allows us to provide significant assistance to clients for establishing requirements aligned with strategic direction, managing complex programs commensurate with realistic schedules and costs, and building information sharing networks and decision support tools to mitigate risks.


Within an organization, there are two aspects of program management success: doing the projects right and selecting the right projects to do. We regularly assist clients to determine the best portfolio of investments to meet system requirements. Our innovative tools and management integration techniques honed during our leadership of DoD’s award winning Horizontal Fusion initiative are proven techniques to achieve program balance with reduced decision cycle times. The result is a knowledge-based resource allocation process that rapidly develops and evaluates program alternatives in terms of strategic alignment, return on investment and overall program performance.


With our record of proven performance with acquisition management activities at all levels of command—from individual program management offices at the field level, to policy offices at the Pentagon, and into related civilian industries—we assist our clients, as trusted partner, to build a successful program infrastructure. We are well known within the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) for developing the policies, procedures and documentation to promote efficient program execution and tracking, effective communications and timely decision making and issue resolution. This includes MDA ‘s reliance on DAC for our leadership in assisting the Agency formulate and implement spiral development program plans using capabilitybased acquisition decision points.


Our financial professionals have experience at all levels of DoD financial management and also with numerous government financial reporting systems. We assist our customers develop, implement and manage tracking systems for resource allocation and funding oversight. We develop methodologies that address financial process documentation, budgeting and forecasting, budget execution and funds control.


Complex programs by nature often require extraordinary practices to derive solutions. DAC maintains a set of program management techniques that have been successfully applied in the past. Most importantly, our personnel have the requisite experience to know when and how to utilize these tools. For example, DAC’s sophisticated investment analysis techniques have been used to justify program scope, schedule, resources and risk directly to the Secretary of Defense. Many of our tools are tailored to meet customers’ needs, not just in analyzing program management issues, but also using visualization as a tool to help presentation of information to decision makers as we have done for the military Joint Staff.


Better information leads to better decisions. Earned Value Management incorporates best business practices to provide strong benefits for program or enterprise planning and control. Our program analysis team uses this approach to integrate program scope, schedule and cost objectives, establish a baseline plan for accomplishment of program objectives and apply earned value techniques for performance measurement during the execution of a program. This provides a sound basis for problem identification, corrective actions and management replanning as may be required.