Advanced Technology


Discrimination and Tracking Algorithms

  • Ballistic Missile Defense
  • Cruise Missile Defense
  • Combat ID

Decision Support Systems

  • Battle Management and Weapons Allocation
  • Real-time Sensor Management
  • ISR Planning, Collection and Analysis


  • Weapons, aircraft, vehicles



Commercially Hosted Infra-Red Payload (CHIRP) Overhead Persistent Infrared (OPIR) Experiment

  • Determine Ability of CHIRP OPIR Sensor to Support Army Battlespace Awareness

Objectives for Operational Support

  • Assess Army Utility of OPIR CHIRP Data
  • Define Requirements for Army Specific Tactical Sensor
  • Develop Data to Support Applications for Display of CHIRP Data

Technology Expansion

  • Tailoring Advanced Algorithms to Process CHIRP OPIR to Meet Army Needs
  • Support for OPIR Analysis and CONOPS Development