Intelligent Products


All Source Automated Collection & Analysis

  • Ingests All Data Sources: Text, Audio & Video Broadcast, Web, Blogs, Twitter, Email

Automatically Identify Activities of Interest

  • Identifies Domains of Activities & Semantic Relationships as Defined by the User

Rich Media Analysis

  • Interact & Edit Media to Build Analytical Products Shared Across the Enterprise
  • Allows for Topical Analysis Over Time
  • Provides Sentiment Analysis of Media Content
  • Enables Predictive Analysis


Quantitative Analysis

Maritime Domain Awareness

  • Analysis of Sea, Cargo & Port Activities to Indentify Potential Threats

Space Situational Awareness

  • Processing of Space Objects & Their Activities to Categorize Anomalous Behavior

Large Scale Auctions

  • Optimization Software and BidBOTS to Conduct Large Scale Package Bidding Auctions

Optimized Fleet Scheduling

  • Near Real Time Driver Dispatch Manpower and Routing for Reduced Transit Times